Total Overdose Demo

Total Overdose Demo

Total Overdose is an action game in Mexico, where Ram Cruz sent across the border to find out who killed his father.

This is a fun game that is full of revenge, drama and fire. Total Overdose is an open world shooter, somewhat in the style of GTA. Should your main mission, Diezal there fighting for different guys, and you can explore the city limits are located in Los Toros, racking up points along the way.

In his borbida the identity of the murderer of his father, RAM Cruzjoined his brother, Tommy. Total Overdose uTo offers a selection of oruzhjeda job, but as you progress you will get more and more weapons as you from the bad guys.

Total Overdose during re-engineering bullet, designed by Max Payne series, but goes one step further and even more original, adding mettoe. „Special Gest” Maybe you need a little time to get hold of them, but činenapor In Total Overdose, this is an extreme case of murder -. or slainto become.

Fun, fast and filled with photos, Total Overdose is very nice.

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