Tommy's Honour 2016

Tommy's Honour 2016

In each generation passing a torch from father to son. Dynamic and persistent are the heartbeat of Honor Tommy – story closely, the actual founder intensive verhaastige modern game of golf.

By the early days of the sport and beautiful scenery in Scotland is proving to be a film based on the story to be intimate and profound challenge the relationship between Old Tom Morris and Young Tommy Morris, the father-son forces dynamic that the modern game of golf. If hulleBeroemdheid pesatmeningkat, Tom and Tommy, Golf Scotlands Royalty, touched by the disasterand personal tragedy. Tommys talent and fame adapted to begin fulfilling its ancestors’ as the founder of the Open Championship in 1860, playing records and its reputation as a star kaddymeester local, green agriculture and klubbalmaker. Unlike his public persona, Tommy internal crisis finally make it to rebel against the aristocracy, who gave him a chance, led TheRoyal Ancient Golf Club of ofkepala St Andrews, AlexanderBoothby, passionate relationship with his parents and Meg drinnenlove-to-woman, avoid.

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