The Boss Baby 2017

The Boss Baby 2017

In the suit, carrying a briefcase, in whose hands rests his little seven year old brother to stop the dastardly plan of the General Director Puppy Co.

Director: Tom Makgrat

Authors: Maykl Makkallers, Marla ice (in the book)

Stars: Alek Bolduin, Stiv Bushem, Dzhimmi Kimmela

Genre: Animation | comedy | family


Boss Baby 2017 720p HD-TS x264 AC3-CPG


Video: AVC HQ 3500kbps 1376×576 24fps

Audio: AC3 192 Kbit / s



Encoder: CPG

Sample: included


DueSugarB aka Arahant, also known as Ex gf Unevano to exchange this excellent source.

I did zvychaynyyarechy,it was nothing, and synchronize audio with it.

The quality is almost close to the HD. There are no end credits.

Cheerful universal story about how the new arrival babys impact on the family, told from the perspective perfectly unreliable narrator, wildly imaginative 7-gadovagapa themTim.

Boy with a briefcase in a suit puts on a pair with his seven-year old brother, to stop podlyhSyuzhet Director GeneralPuppy Co. The advent of a new baby affect the family, told from the point of view perfectly unreliable narrator – wildly prim 7 gadovagaTsima. mostunusual Boss Baby (Alek Bolduin) arrives at Tim’s house by taxi in a suit and carrying a briefcase. Instant rivalry between the brothers is soon to be postponed, if Tim discovers that Boss Baby is actually a spy on a secret mission, and only he can dapamagchysarvats vile conspiracywhich involves epic battles between the puppies imladentsy.

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