Teracopy alpha 5

Teracopy alpha 5

One thing that irritates me most about Windows is the incredible amount of computer time required to move or copy files from one place to another. Fortunately, I can now use tools to solve this problem.

TeraCopy Make a copy and / or move files in Windows faster to update you very grateful when dealing with several gigabytes of data.

This program may not be easier to use: just select the files you wantMove toalinatau, right-click and select „TeraCopy”. The program will open a window where you can select the destination folder and center (move, copy, test) A Done.

TeraCopy can also be run on its own, where you need to drag and drop the files you want to copy or move the project window. Although this method is not as simple as using the right mouse button menu, because it takes a long time to find the menu options and interfaceCopyCopyis.

TeraCopy copies and transfers large amounts of files much faster than standard Windows document management.


Additional equipment with better ejection USB.

Plus: CardReader option in this document.

Added: ForceSameDriveMode option for this document.

Add: New language strings.

Fixed: crash when testing MD5 documents.

Fixed: Always check the target folder and the necessary permissions adminjika.

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