Sonma Typing Expert 1

Sonma Typing Expert 1

Sonma Writing an expert Hindi language to supplement / English who want to improve their writing skills in both languages. With different alphabets in use, it can be difficult to bilingual typewriter fast and enter two languages ​​are correct, even if they are free, oslleferyddAnd handwriting.

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Sonma Writing-Specialist looks at the difference between the standard QWERTY keyboard in English and the Hindi keyboard; The Internet may incompatibility zapavolitsvykarystannei writing, and the honEi program’s goal is to allow users to use their skills.The program includes exercises to improve fluency. These will become more difficult exercises than entering letters to groups of words, and then to simple and complex sentences. Users can switch between types of exercise programs ieithoedda record mouse and statistics forAccuracy and speed so that users can evaluate their performance and improve their results. These statistics can be printed by the name of the top karystalnikau to helpuperfformiad application. The program also allows users to manually setOn the test to enable them to set goals for improvement.


Difficulties faced by bilingual, rarely need to adapt to different types are considered so happy that Sonma Keyboard Writing-Specialist has been developed, which solves this problem. Although this programIs simple, it works well in improving the accuracy and speed of the keyboard in different languages.

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