Songr 2.0

Songr 2.0

Songr is a program to search and download music and video from the web. Do not look frantic ngP2P or BitTorrent involved, but rather, look for comfort through a search engine specialization.

What is Songr?

In Songr, you can search and download music in MP3 format (provided they do not violate copyright laws), using more than ten themed search engines simultaneously. The results may vary, and the second thesong tapatAt Download quickly.

The songs return The song selectedOr the ability to download to your computer. Excluding continue the download function for bad or paused.

Simple and easy to understand

Songrmemiliki clarifies and simple interface. Searching for music using the useful search box is a complete no-brainer.

The easiest way to download music in MP3

In Songr, download a book, fast and with hours of thought. During our tests, he worked perfectly. Important enough for any music lover.

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