Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7

And rightly so, because of the mess they made from Resident Evil 5 and 6. They tried hard to restore the magic of Resident Evil 4, but all I did was more hissing instead of steak. Resident Evil 7 is not so much from a third person shooter that fans will be angry, but at least there is something new in the series.

This is actually episode 11 of the game, but the seventh in terms of biologichnotoorazhiya ongoing story.

Silent Hill 2 is influenced by design

Despite the franchiseShort of another genre of belief, is Resident Evil 7 back to the basic idea put forward in the first game, which is a survival horror. The game comes back to reduce the action back to its roots in some way to increase the pressure that the enemy is more dangerous and leave you with less sredstva.Vie is much more vulnerable in this game.

You are not part of a military or police officer of its kind, and you have no training. You’re the average Joe who’s just trying tosurvive. Capcom is not a high level of maturity added to the game, although it promises to do so, but they have some tips in a lovable (and scary) style created by Silent Hill 2, which is a step in the right direction. This game is the step of dalechot fans of what most Resident Evil, which means less B-movie content, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

There are settings that areGoed more scenes, but slightly false / semi-real annoyancenotso good.

The atmosphere, dingy and quite scary

Big cut scene. Not because they are full of action and interesting, but because Tessa pulls and Eng. They are also accused of mystery and suspense, which somehow Resident Evil lost two pursuers. Soundtrack, good Sound and dark music, thank you, scary and just.

The game has this dark and full of character, I do not feel like Resident Evil 4, and it makes a small memory of the first Resident of Evil game. Graphics in the gameWhich does not drop the jaw as most fans can expect. Nane is a game breaker; It’s just a little frustrating.

However, since Resident Evil 1 iteration HD has been proven, Resident Evil 7 can return to top things for the better. The game is very haunting, which is something that Resident Evil games miss for a while. You can confuse some of the world’s games as ghosts, make the game more interesting.


Podayteto opportunity, mainlyIf you hate Evil 5 and 6 hate. This episode is a nuance reminiscent of the first, and may help you fall in love with the franchise. Maybe the franchise is not dead.

As the franchisebahwa knows the return of death, this is Resident Evil. Except seeing jeHeb’s gameplay and love, you may want to wait until it is sold before you buy it. The game has a decent amount of play, but like most Resident Evil games, the fear factor will lose more time.

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