PowerPoint Viewer 2010

PowerPoint Viewer 2010

If you have an older machine with older versions of Microsoft Office, or if you are using OpenOffice or Microsoft Works, as well as the absence of the latest versions of PowerPoint installed on your computer, the user can continue to open and the PowerPoint presentation on using the PowerPoint Viewer middel2010 viewsPowerPoint Viewer is a free program that can be downloaded with a simple and free way to view PowerPoint slides

Users can view, print, and open the presentation with this information, Butit «read only” and can not be changed. But PowerPoint Viewer 2010 cantransitions, slides and videos are the same at the last iteration of the PowerPoint. PowerPoint Viewer 2010 will be run on Windows, the operating system Windows XP Service Pack 3. It also works in Vista service pack number 1,2,3, Windows 7 and laterWindows for Windows 10. Memory requirements are relatively moderate, atleast 256 MB RAM and 270 MB required hard vydobuvnyhnakopychuvach. In order to show that it has a resolution of 1024 788 prymaefunktsyyanavats at an optimal level. The necessary graphics hardware acceleration DirectX graphics card, with an excess of 64 MB of video memory. Users of the system configuration is decisivefactor for graphics and functionality of the product user. Users should note that some of the features of Microsoft PowerPoint Sun smotribelen public, including voorleggingsmet, associated with the management of rights of access to information () macro and run and posylannyana external saytyaboembedded and linked objects.

viewer setup

PowerPoint Viewer 2010 is very easy to download, simple pressure click to download Microsoft and save the file to your hard drive. The installer can be activated by double-clicking the installation to begin. after loadinginstallation, you will have access to the „Start” menu in the „All Programs” and danoop Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer. Viewerzareyestruye only PowerPoint .ppt, .pptm, POT, PPTX, .ppsx, PPS and pashyrennya.ppsm, if there is no version of PowerPoint installed on your computer. The program will be launched if the file types are registered, double-click on the machine.


indienHetHave you ever e-mail attachment from work or school colleagues a PowerPoint presentation contains later than Microsoft Office format package can get the support he PowerPointTelehlyadach is the ideal solution for your needs. This saves the need spandeer’n last versiyuKiravanne,to open the application. If necessary, you want to open the PowerPoint editing, it can be done on a version of open source in PowerPoint, with no loss of quality and resolution. Its reliability and perfect PowerPoint viewer software is easy nature.

means PowerPoint 2010Viewer supports the following formats


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