PotPlayer 1.6

PotPlayer 1.6

There are many free media players by third parties and PotPlayer is another great opportunity for video and music to play.

While most people listen to streaming music or videos, there are instances where no data connection and saved files locally is your only option. PotPlayer is an excellent media player that can handle a variety of forms of media files.

The quality playback depends on the hardware on which it is installed, but inTest PotPlayer does not play PROBLEMTHE GB fileMOV, MKV 865 MB or GB AVI. Smaller files must be played without problems. You can change the file information and see a thorough distribution of file information, including CPU utilization.

Is esUnterstützung for captions in PotPlayer file .ass and SRT subtitles and plays when they are in the same folder as the video file. The amount of options PotPlayer is large. You can optimize PotPlayer to achieve the best efficiency, but the default settings work wellNo most videos.

PotPlayerCan also play audio files. These include examples by default or you can read more online download. The program provides a variety of information about the audio file, such as bit rate, type of file and number of channels. Wieandere media player, there are audio settings for the equalizer and they all work very well. It is not a substitute for a good stereo, but does not affect the sound.

The program is Daum, a Korean company, but offered only in English during and after installationprogram. Is a nuisance that PotPlayer does not appear in the taskbar to work only in the notification area so you can use the application, or open area of ​​the screen, or to get updates.

PotPlayer is a good alternative to the first media players. The stable version has a variety of supported formats and the quality of vazproizvezhdanetoE ideal for video and audio.


Has also been added under the criteria for automatic configuration management Auswahlin

Additional support for theFunction shader pixel madVR

Added support for subtitles SUP (Blu-ray)

The ability of MP3 files with captions for the lyrics has been added to play songs

Added support for DivX subtitles (XSUB)

Add that opportunity to exchange stereo channels

DobavenVazmozhnostta can be set to track the folder in one place (F5 directory recording)

Entferntein problem of synchronization of captions in what

Fixed malfunction when some files play BIK

Some changes forDVD captions and DVD menu with DXVA2

Improved processing pixels

VerbessertVerarbeitung logo

Added support for https in Daum Cloud

The marker is already limited to 2000

Enhanced conditions viroutomatic selection of configuration management

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