Picasa HD

Picasa HD

Picasa HD viewer Picasa photos will be Windows 8 users can easily collect photos with them, creating exhibition services, as well as to share their photos with their near enliefste – no function

After logging in to your Google account, Picasa HD gives you access to all photo albums,that you have uploaded to Picasa. You can view photos of your own, or use the slide show function, which increases the changes between frames.

In addition to being „just” a simple photo viewer, Picasa HD you can on a photo to create a water and add photos to albums and beheren.U informationabout them (name, description, date, etc.) to change all without visiting Picasa website.

Picasa HD, you can also delete photos and access information change the image, zoom in on photos and upload them to your computer or tablet. Remember that there is also an optionfull-screen, so you can benefit from your desktop.

Getting Started

yakastsiPrylada in the touch screen, you can use to take the function to expand or pinch steal famous painting you.


Picasa HD on the back seat to maken.Hetyour records easily and carelessly to show your photos to best take advantage of them. Most of the interface are carried out thumbnail photos, you can imagine that you are working with a convenient view.


Because Google is not currently prapanueafitsyynaeapp for Windows 8 in Picasa HD is the next option is best suited to view the photos in the Picasa account on your device, tablet, or hybrid. Allows you to view and edit information about the image, in addition to visiting adding new photos to your collection,all without Picasa online.

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