Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15

Hard Disk Manager 15 Professional contains everything you need for advanced data management capabilities and opens professional administration systems that have never been possible. A tool like effective filters to exclude files for efficient back operations backup and recovery, enhanced Paragon marker engine, the ability to edit virtual hard disks, backup feature for the guests, Hyper-V, a powerful option For stvarennyastsenaryyav, virtual machines, longLifespan and more zrobićHard DiskManager Professional software is preferred to manage the system and hard disks on the market.

Data Backup System

Back up your entire Windows system, individual partitions, or selected files. Use the script engine to automate Commonly used actions and various virtual container files simplify virtual asyaroddyami.Yakoy would pVHD format space-saving backup or for later use as a virtual system (e.g.Hyper-V virtual container) always a complete set of backup features (sectoral, collective, differential or incremental backups or special supplements) files, password protection prevents confidential data from unauthorized access. In case of data, require a special program for security. Hard Disk Manager15 Professional also supports encrypted drives with BitLocker.

Adjustment of recovery

Using the Hard Drive Professional Professional 15 willAlways be safe. Existing backups are not problematic for recovery with built-in assistants, even on other hardware or virtual environments (such as VMware Workstation, Oracle Virtual Box and MS Hyper-V). This gives you full flexibility and can restore the entire system or only certain indyvidualnyhfayly groups. Universal Image Mounter (UIM) provides full access to the protected files at any time. Copy the backup archive as a network disk and the files that areIt will be available as in a conventional hard drive.

Paragon Recovery Medium

If operujeszSystem does not start now, you can boot the computer restore restore from the environment, the Paragon and load an existing archive, protect important data or correct loading errors. Pragramastvarenne new media data recovery makes it easy and flexible environment for creating your own recovery. Thanks to the latest technologyWinPE recovery environment, intuitive. Become your backupsSaved on a network disk? Then use the advanced settings and add the network configuration and siećPodczas while recovering media.

Separation optimization

Advanced obsługiją shared any hard drive hard disk partitions to optimize space usage on the hard drive. Regardless of whether you prepare your hard disk to work with multiple operating systems or redistribute the space between different parts of memory, you can always get best performance SSDAnd hard drives with 4K sectors and RAID volumes with automatic alignment of partitions **.

DoskonałościConnectVD model enables you to work with virtual hard disks, and is an important element dlyahto uses virtual environments. ConnectVD simplifies the management of virtual drives on a disk or partition distribution defragment to exchange MFT data. Advanced mode provides precise analysis and repair tools that make it possible toSearch and start solving problems or analyzing the hard drive.

Virtualization migration

Migration of windows from almost any source for any purpose, such as the old fast twardyDyskSSD. Super-comfortable assistants help step by step to achieve the desired result, but still possible multiple settings. The transition to a new Windows hardware never It’s so easy!

Software Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Professional virtualize an existing system, orQuickly and easily convert an existing backup of the virtual machine. Copy existing virtual machines with just a few mouse clicks, and use other hypervisor (VMware WorkstationMS Hyper-V). He even succeeded działaZ wirtualizacjami, which was performed using software from other vendors.

Reliable data wiper

Your personal information is divorced, even if you have the old hard removal ride. Data that has been deleted can be restored byExperts even if the hard drive is mechanically destroyed. With managers sweep hard disks, but you can free up disk space and make sure dadenyyavydalenyya once and for all. Only apply algorithms for military purification (alone or in combination), or design your own!

Hard Disk Manager version 15 now lets you delete the SSD and SSD data function without losing SSD life!

BitLocker support

Many of the activities that can be used ParagonHard Disk Manager 15 Professional disk encrypted with BitLocker technology from Microsoft. A big plus for anyone who confides dadenymina on their computers!


– Agentless MS Hyper-V Backup

– Safe even daneWycierając SSD drives

Notes on installation:


to establish;

Installing the Microsoft Visual C ++ (2010 2015)

Launch programs


to establish;

Installing the Microsoft Visual C ++ (2010 2015)

Program launch

Win10 64-bit screen after installation:

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