Office Online

Office Online

Office Online is the online version of Microsoft products, Office. Although not as complete as the corresponding desktop, also a very useful tool for managing their documents online.

Word, PowerPoint ExcelA: There are three major programs available in the line. They can work on the document text, table and introduce you to the office. Mr Xiaowont equipment and many options as standard, but in terms of success, uwezokwa you work pretty much any time you documentation on the condition that you are connected to the Internet.

softwarethird party included in the online interface and contains the same desktop and meddalweddn self-description. Not only can you create and edit documents online, but also download files to your computer to be shared through links and upload files from your disk galed.Ar the latter, the online space up to 25 GB of SkyDrive storage for your files.

In conclusion, the online version of Office will be shut down properly to produce the original, but it works iawnberffaithonline tools such as document management and editing for every day.

Office Online is a comprehensive document table presents the answer online.

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