My Family Tree 6

My Family Tree 6

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Before there is a small application, but powerful enough that allows you to create and load and edit a family tree and display it in a graphical form that is easy to use andDown my family tree can, as always on our site, you can just go the whole story

When creating the information, you can add photos of family members, indicating the name, birth date of the emorte, if necessary, add a resume. In akhirProsesnya can create export treesAnd share them with friends.

Among the advantages of my family tree, including support for data vizualizaytsii using the travel time, online support, you can protect your data with a password, if you have Windows 7, you can use the touch screen, there is a way to introduce,Tree of genealogy. The files can be saved and edited, then you can add links to the search (for example, tencoñecido relatives or is referring to several documents), you can track how your family pindah.Di the ground using the Google Earth service.

In general, my family tree,I love the easy-to-use interface of the software has an eye-catching, heaped, you do not need the money you have, you just need to install the .NET Framework version, I think that in modern systems this will not be a problem.


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