Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016

release info

– Language: (and the US)

– Channel: License

– Version:

– Architecture: x86 / x64

– Writing Tools: English, French, Spanish

– June 14, 2016 Updated

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Adapted to the default configuration (October-KantoorCustomizationTool for slightly adapted)

– Save EULA

– shortcuts – Office 2016 default Start menu shortcuts to keep all subdirectories WITHOUT splashed around in the Start menu.

Setup customization file somewhere all the shortcuts for Office 2016, Microsoft Office 2016 and Office subdirectory apartment with tools subdirectory Tools

– Default configuration options, and all the functions of the program will be installed by default, with the exception of Skype for Business * (OfficePROPLUS 2016) enKantoor Telemetry ** (office 2016vyumba / Application) – clearly if you want to change the configuration options

* Skype Business (why you need to install, install, and not as an optional update „from Microsoft Update to accept)

The problem here is the default setting for Business to install Skype, or the client computer has Skype already installed or not.

If you choose to install Skype Business office setting, it will run the Skype program, called Skype for Windows startsWhen to start, instalatuIzena SkypeBofya, setting your Bing search engine and MSN as your page, and then you ask me to go.

This is where the confusion starts. Account should I use? you choose you will use existing Skype name (personal / household) If you are considering to set up a computer to use two identities – Skype and Skype to your personal account recovery is a matter of your own Business. Microsoft Live ID account to choose a new work address will skepDieIf you want to – to do something segurueniknahi.

** Office Telemetry (Why can not you share your data)

Telemetry Dashboard most recently used file names and a list of users, and the personal or confidential information about the user or organization can reveal the titles of the documents. plug-in and will be used by the Office of the names of the other solutions.

Telemetry Agent inventory, usage and other data applications and increased samelgedeelde Guide,where birziklatzeeta known as the processor and telemetry services into the SQL database. Telemetry Dashboard is committed to the database, so it can show the use of Office files, accessories, and solutions.

bonus guide

– KMSpico + Microsoft Toolkit Beta 5 (activators)

– UBitMenu Customizer (add Office 2003 toolbars and menus of Office 2016) – free for personal use

– Previous versions uninstallers (Office 2016, 2013, 365, 2003, 2007, 2010)

– Link / Restore”Record Office is a software option (erregistratufitxategia)

– Convert / Repair Office 2016 Telemetry (register file)


– x86:

– x64:

Compatible with previous versions

Parallel version of Microsoft Office and the ability to release in 2016, he ran away.

Part of the installation will have to search for and remove the previous version to allow the operation of the other components. An earlier version of Outlook 2013/2010 and publisher in 2016.

In other words, do not mix versions of Office.

Microsoft gebruikFixitYou can remove the tools, hand / off / on the previous Office version (included in the Bonus folder) to delete.

Hiiunapaswa system of all traces of the office.

Microsfot update Office 2016 Volume Edition

Click2Run different versions of applications to update participants Edition does not provide the account sheet (File – accounts – Updates).

VL version information for Office 2016, you must enable it on Windows Update, „Microsoft update you want to get some information.”

System Requirements

– 64-bit versiondriven by a 64-bit system bidezbesterik

– OS: Windows 10, Windows 10 SP1 + Server, Server 2012R2 / 2012/2008 R2

– NET version: NET necessary. Some options may require .NET or install it in the way


– Remove previously installed uninstallers (extra directory) and restart the version if necessary

– Mountain / burn / extract ISO file

– Install Office features

– KMSpico / Microsoft Toolkit BETA 5 Enables the use of the product once the installation is finishedALL

– Switch / reset Kantoor2016 Telemetry – to merge the file to disable / Repair Office 2016 Telemetry (after yarebooting affect your machine)

– Convert / Restore „Record Office programs an opportunity to – to merge the file to disable / Repair Reporting (after the restart your machine)

– Install UBitMenu Customizer (optional)

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