Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1

Lego Marvel Super Heroes are all passionate fans of Marvel Heroes. Tales Visitor’s name change is a fun game to achieve the perfect balance between the world of comics with a little yellow figure.

construction and deconstruction of adventure

The main method of Marvel Super Heroes is the story mode inLego, familiar with the game Lego playersof knownby. In it, you move around a closed case leiafwideones much and you will develop and kutatuaPuzzles and kill the enemy.If you can also collect foreign and parts of others along the way, enjoy a few surprises thenyou’ll.

Unlike other Lego games in which, despite the low level of difficulty, you sometimeshave some thought to reach the next level, the Marvel Super Heroes Lego, the way forward will clearlylaid properly. word game almost every time what to do next, either with words ( „You have to break through the door largecharacterThis „), or really obviousindicatorskama as ‘spider sense’ Spider-man.

KesederhanaanPermainan Although this is very interesting, because every step is very well organized and fully destructible classic event and the resources to get to different areas.

In addition classicrepetition level that allows you to open a character or new places, important factors eraillincludean open world where you can take short trips or just have a chance to explore the citywith your favorite characters.

Marvel heroes remain true to its roots

The most successful Marvel Super Heroes Lego is bagaimanaPelancong Tales has managed to convey the essence of each system Alego cartoon character dolls. Every aspect of power with all shown very successful: They are like heroes comigac book, in turn, re-adjusted to normal mechanics of the game.

For example, Hulkcan Bruce Banner turns into a kinyumechake, destructive potential is exceededOn average, Spider-Man has a different way in which canuse membrane, and Black Widow, as well as being skilled at war, in a team „mouse” dancansolvepuzzles.

Of course, all of this power gyferLego’sgreat funny, but the humor that respects the characteristics of each character in the comics and movies as well.

Interesting, but less than before

Lego graphics engine gamesshows age. What it seems great to us a few years ago is now limited to impress. But we need morefrom mental game all those years?

cymeriadauRhyfeddu designed not only good in their power, but also the genetic similarity merekakeajaiban nature. fantastic characters such as evil Galactus or physical Sandman, provides some interesting moments in Marvel Super Heroes Lego.

the way in which New York has been redesigned too big, and act as an open-world scenarios. If you ever walk in a city of skyscrapers, you can identify the building and some of the sightsThe most famous, pobtrosi, of course, Lego style.

audio boys also did a good job, and most of the dubbing acceptable (untukSaya still enjoy the game Lego undubbed), along with a song using a different theme for a movie kuwailitungwa Marvel stable.

First Class Fun

Travelers’ Tales has done it again: they have taken fasnachfraintyn very popular and has managed to turn into Lego, causing the game is veryfun.

Lego Marvel Super may not be a very challenging game Heroes, but the respect shown impressed, great sense of humor, and a variety of characters and stages for melakukansempurna fun to play, not age or kujalinini and management skills.

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