KeyTweak 2.3

KeyTweak 2.3

With Keytweak, you can override keyboard shortcuts: You can set up your entire display with one click, close the button to help others, and save overrides with just a few clicks.

Change it on how to use your keyboard when you press the button

Once you openKeytweak GUI, you will see your keyboard with commands and buttons. Enter the required key, place it with you, give it a command or leave it empty to turn it off. Complete the display button to save the job and openKeytweak. Then, your keyboard will be displayed when you use the program image interface.

Conclusion – A very powerful program for the display of keys

There are many reasons you need to redefining the keyboard. It can be a security measure or you need to upgrade to start a program you have or play certain games.The Keytweak system helps you even if your keyboard is broken and some buttons do not work. It is a free program that works very well, so if you have to move your keyboard, you should not look any further.

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