Icy Tower 1

Icy Tower 1

Ysige tower looks like a game made ten years ago, and even then it will not look very impressive. The game consists of finding the only person who is at the top of the tower, where we can find a Jan spring on the shelves next door.

Now you can play Icy Tower 2 free for iOS devices!

During each computer game released wydajedodać more detail and detail elements of the game world, BagusUntuk sees that some developers try to omit titles like Icy Tower, which designIs a little fun without thinking.

It does not look much, and honest, not much. The only control you need to play Icy Tower is left, right and jump. What makes this game fun is the speed of the game, as strange consequences dźwiękowei so spoiled you can go three levels at a time, if you happen to get a perfect score! There are also a number of Icy Tower characters that you can choose, downloadAtau even create yourself!

Collectively beat the clock on top of each icy tower level and doorThe construction of jump combinations. The result is a fast and fun that can reload at any time and play for an hour or Polhem.

Ysige Tower is a simple platform highly addictive, despite its simplicity.

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