Hollow Knight v1

Hollow Knight v1


Title: Hollow knights

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie

Developer: Team Cherry

Editorial: Tim Cherry

Release date: February 24, 2017

For this game

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System requirements

Minimum: Operating System: Windows 7Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E5200Memory: 4 GB RAMGraphics: GeForce 9800GTX + (1GB) DirectX: 10Storage Version: 9 GB available spaceAdditional Notes, 1080, 16: 9 is recommended

Recommended: Operating system: Windows 10Processor: Intel Core i5Memory:8 GB RAMGraphics: GeForce GTX 560DirectX: 11Storage version: 9 GB available spaceAdditional Notes, 1080, 16: 9preporachvais

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