Google Drive 1

Google Drive 1

Google Drive cloud storage for apps and file management.

Previously, Google has a variety of different features related to each other. Google Drive using Google Docs, Google released intact, if not Google + and a cloud interrupt service in one.

DumGrex Gmail, Google still divorced from Google Docs Drive renamed tomorrow denganpenambahan 5 GB of free online storage. Dropbox if it allows you to drag and drop files from the shortcut to Windows Explorer.

When added, they are uploaded to you onlineaccount. And then it’s not possible to get the type of file uploaded to the Android app that can be obtained through what has, or already available online. Integration script is good and allows greater storage of such images and videos.

Friends can not comment on what you uploaded add a lagitahap conversation. Rough cloud stores services on an equal footing with other connections, but with you, Googleis creates a unitary principle because it’s easy to use. Buy more storage space as you can.

GoogleCoegiHas a lot of potential but still room for improvement.

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