Get Out 2017

Get Out 2017

Now Chris and his girlfriend, Rose, successful parents meet dates, he invited her upstate for a weekend with Missy and Dean. The first Chris Read familys to tolerant behavior nervous attempts to deal with the daughters of interracial romance them, but progress as the weekend, a series of increasingly alarming discovery led to a truth that can never imagine.

Get Outa mladAfro-American named Chris visiting girlfriend English family beliauHarta Rose`s to meet his parents. In the firstplace he family victory dress as nervous tolerate efforts to deal with their daughter`s race relations, but progress as the weekend, Chris discovered that many of its residents, African-American, has been lost. When she married a man of African-American friends happen at home, hypredupredilda “come out” and a series of startling discoveries, Chris discovers the truth that he could not think.

Language: English

Classification: NA

General Release Date: April 20, 2017

Genre: Horror / Mystery

Duration: None

distributor:United International Pictures

Actor DanielKaluuya, Alisan Uilyams, Bradley Whitford, Kaleb Landry Jones

Directed by Jordan Peele

Format: 2D

A young african american visit family estate of the mysterious girl kavkazkite.Edin young black man visits the family estate white girlfriend in which she learned that many inhabitants have disappeared and he soon learns the truth about the cruel sometimes black friends at his Estate has to “go out.” I soon learned that it was easier said than done.

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