FIFA 12 is the latest installment of the epic Saga football match EA. In addition to updating the game with the data team and player the latest FIFA 12 are provided with impressive new features.

In recent years, the FIFA series has developed into a worthy rival to Pro Evolution Soccer, and in fact, manyClaim that FIFA 12 will experience football as PES 2012 is more complete.

What’s new in FIFA12?

Based on the success of past years, FIFA 12 set for three major events: precision dribbling, tactical defense and engine impact engine. All of this – and especially in the last three – has hugeImpact of gaming experience.

What does that mean?

Apparently the effect of the machine that the greatest impact on the game, and it really changed yagwedd dynamic and contact in the game. The engine impact FIFA 12 makes a lot more realistic skirts and, of course, it seems that gevolgIn more injuries player!When two players in the air in FIFA 12 jumps, it will no longer always be a perfect country, but may fall depending on contact with another player.

The defense in general, refine, and it is no longer possible to keep only the button ”, and it is expected that the ball and the attacker of the defender agosafpwysauPulled away. In fact, it in FIFA 12 and can be lost to the toelaat.Tydsberekening player seriously and challenging is all the new tactical defense of the system, although it is frustrating, ultimately more rewarding if you get that right.

When in FIFA 12 dribbling, you will feel a lotMore control than the previous versions. To get passers-by, more enjoyable, because of this, and neat tricks look easier to ffwrddtynnu.

How Real FIFA 12?

Alright. As always, FIFA 12 is fully licensed so you can play with your favorite players and clubs, and the game will followWindow summer of the winter transitional rock and so will their fellow teams truly reflect.

Graphics have made the improvement, and animation is also better than last year’s game. The llawnBydd FIFA 12 version is also an important component of the online social element much more.Support there are your Tables Club League so that your achievements contribute to your favorite teams for their community standards in general. EA FIFA 12 isOok the promise to keep a new football news.

What’s in the demo?

FIFA 12 demo provides access to Manchester City, Milan,Marseille Borussia Dortmund, Barcelona and Arsenal. The options are quite limited, and there are organizations, such as selecting the ball again to halves involved in this demonstration. Any other aspect of the game also want, so you can only play a game of practice, butIt gives you another good indrukVan FIFA 12.

Action replay: Download the old versions of FIFA

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FIFA 12 will meet an incredible football game as close as possible to playing the true football game on your computer.

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