Expeditions: Viking v1

Expeditions: Viking v1

Practice: Viking

Independence Date: April 27, 2017

Styles / Tags: RPG, strategy, tactics, 3D, turn-based

Developer: Artists Logic

Publisher: Art Logic

Platform: PC

Engines: United 5

Steam Rating: 95% of reviews positive feedback (based on 65 reviews)

Mother tongues: English, German, Russian, Polish,French

Audio: English, French

Call: based (CODEX)

Minimum requirement:

Operating system: Windows 7, Windows (64-bit version!)

Software: Intel Core2 Q9400 QuadGgts


Video Card: NVIDIA GeForceGTS 450

DirectX 10

Part of HDD: 10 GB

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Get ready for an adventure in history! Logic artists, producer of the exhibition: Winner, happy to bring you practice: Viking.

As an elected leader of the Viking clan everyday life, you will have your own village. But to cuthis name in the history of the stories you need big power, big naUtajiri vosakvasha growing prosperity and reputation. There is little that is left of theland provided by the Norwegians and therefore should put his hand over the sea to the west, where the story says a huge island filled with treasures ready to accept.

yourreliable Halaka zitakufuata Valhalla so will the agenda, but you need more than fair to leave a legacy that will be remembered for a thousand years. Now a group of fighters suitable concentration, to build ships and seek wealth corner glory at the sea. Britannia adkladenyu logic artists Expeditions:Viking.

sports equipment

Create your ownleader of the Vikings! Remove the character of our system unique character, where the stats, skills, and ability to define the role of your characters.

Start or trade? Viking is known only as soldiers, but the horse business. Will you get rich, and carrotsor stick?

War and politics: from the various groups that the Scandinavians, the Picts, or England.

Features: Beware of your choice, the history of your actions mozhaprynestsi others are afraid of you, but they believe?

Step into the pages of history: inthe positive direction and visceral history of Northern countriesEurope.

record Articles

In accordance with the release of ISO (6,958,678,016 bytes)

(GB) is used

MD5 100 isiyopoteza Full: all files are similar to the original post-installation

Nothing broken, nothing again is not saved

The limited amount of memory for storage (just been stressed by a GB)

installationchukuaDakika 3-8 (depending on your system)

after zakrytstsyaPraverka integrity in order to make sure that everything was set up correctly

Sectionafter installing HDD: 10 GB

Language You can change the game settings

At least 2GB of RAM (incl. Virtual) requiresto install the repack

Recording and FitGirl

Problems during installation?

Read this guide to stress problems

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