Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the long awaited sequel Euro Truck. Introducing better graphics and allows travel across a wide range of roads of Central Europe.

trucker’s dream

There are many truck simulators out there, but ETS is one of the best known and most popular. it necessarily,to extend Euro Truck Simulator 2. Used look great and are all graduates of kampaniyScania, Renault and MAN. You can customize the look and orendemento their trucks too.

There are more than 60 cities in Euro Truck Simulator 2, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, and many others. your taskis to build a successful transport company, making deliveries on the continent at the time. Though the focus is clearly driving, doing work to earn money to buy his own truck (and possibly its own fleet) and recruit other vodiyivoznachaye you canget too involved in the game. There is another interpretation play roles, but concamións and wood instead of dragons and trees speakers.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is continually updated with more vehicles and adjustments in handling cargo and physics becomesless more realistic. Existas a special community of fans to create mods simulator – that is, yoststona things you can add to your account. Besides all this, there are many developers Premium DLC SCS Software, including a huge map pack nazyvayetsyadodatkovymy routes to the east, allowing the trucktodoPolonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

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Despite its charms, Euro Truck Simulator may feel a little dry and difficult for beginners. Fans will be shipping imknutstsadlya diving, but also for any yakohomensh safe when driving life for them,you need a bit of patience and perseverance. There is an introductory tutorial, but probably still feels a little lost since expired.

Once you have mastered and management, Euro Truck Simulator 2 introduces step and pace. Despite the fact that tsenabahato more beautiful than its predecessor and,leaving to look around for a long time, Wednesday adchuvatssastareli. Similarly, while it improves traffic does not feel very well. All this can be forgiven forgotten if you want long road poyizdkyna relatively low speeds!

Best truckand there

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the best in its class. If driving a truck is that querefacer, is the best option, and fortunately, there is a special developer who continuously improve and hours listening to their fans.

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