Empire Earth Demo

Empire Earth Demo

Empire Earth is a real time strategy game, which covers half a million years of world history. Starting at the beginning of time the prehistoric goal of the game is to build its own civilization, to make rich and conquer all. Using smart strategic tactics during the war for victory and the final rule.

Using dominated strategies and tactics

The Empire Earth game requires players to increase the necessary resources causing izgrazhdaneSgradi, the birth of civilization.Many different eras that can develop. From prehistoric and Stone Age to the Renaissance and in the period of digital epics and nano-era 500,000 years completely absorbed. Depending on the age at which you are located different military units such as archers will develop in your tactical plan. There are many rich looks, some including the Greeks and the Byzantine Empire.

The fun challenge of building a superpower

The metbaie campaign can play a huge evolution from the Batuke Age tank and submarineIn the futuristic weapon „Empire Earth” offers an entirely historical experience. From the beginning of time is challenging and fun, especially wanneeruiteindelik conquer the world!

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