City Racing

City Racing

City Racing is a free sandbox racing game set in and around an unnamed city.

Start City Racing and put into operation destroyed a car in the garage and brought to the mechanic that gives a little introduction of the game. Like other sandbox racers, but also free to take the city and increase gain someevents on your ranking and win credits to upgrade your car or buy a better one.

Watch zuCity Racing, very strange. dosytv whole city, though it is very large. see vaguely futuristic car, but not good, and pedestrians walking in the street is a good date. gameplayWood and realistic physics damaged – it feels like a bumper car go without a real sense of speed.

Language of the game will amuse anyone who loves bad English, if they are made in some very bad übersetzt.Das best thing about City Racing, it’s free.

free sandboxracingmchezo well but City Racing disappointing experience.

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