Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Located in thecontekt global economic crisis, many countries in Latin America oil production stuck together to form the Federation, a new power that will use its strong position to turn against the United States. Call of Duty: Ghosts clumsily trying to obtain the approval of ddefnyddioMae’r plot line tells the story of two brothers and their German shepherd who find themselves in a battle to participate homeland reclaimtheir, despite himself.

Pretty boring solo campaign

Like its predecessor,senglGalw playercampaign of Duty: Ghosts receive its signals from the movie extravaganza that hits the audience between the eyes in the first few minutes. It really ekplodein all directions: the bullets fly, blood spurts, and it is a real assault on the senses, with no time to catch his breath. single player campaign lets iawnllawer space to interact, which is quite strange for video games.

If not strictly secured canrest Trigger, Call of Duty: Ghosts do not drastically change its mode multiplayerdear.

Among the new features,a new yna14 maps, the ability to slide on the ground, the new adjustment system with nearly 20,000 different options, female avatars, 7 new game modes, and 20 new Homepage (bonuses that reward thenumber of enemies killed), the dogs of war isthe.

As gyffredinar for the series, Call of Duty: Ghosts are not ostavimuchroom tactics. Instead, the player’s reflexes, memory, and skillsvill awarded.

visible wires

I experience Call of Duty: GhostsPlayStation 3 and the I have to admit that it did not create argraffgemaugraphics. With itslov resolution texture and animation stable surface, Call of Duty: Ghosts are not best suited to the current generation of consoles. Fortunately, particle effects, and corrupted folders Riley animationscome you zajednopodigne your game to some extent.

Verdict: LOOK Ghostly

With Call of Duty: Ghosts, Infinity Ward, provides a fairly standard with separate experiences uneven messof. Multiplayer Mod main asset of the saga, will be improvedwith subtle enhancements that come together to perfectthe mechanics of the game that ynprofi already, not taking enough risk termimpression debt.

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