Bayonetta MULTI6 FitGirl

Bayonetta MULTI6 FitGirl


Release date: April 11, 2017

Type / Tags: action, third person, 3D

Developer: Platinum Games

Publisher: Sega

Platform: PC

Machine: Home

Steam User Rating: 94% positive opinions (based on 1001 reviews)

Interface Languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese

Audio Language: English, Japanese

Breaking: construction (Codex)

Low demand:

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 78 () / 10

Processor: Core I3 3220


Video Committee: Radeon HD6950 / GeForce GTX 570 (768 MBVRAM)


HDD Space: up to 14 GB (~ 20 GB during installation)

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Director and Resident Evil Legendary PlatinumGames Hideki Kamiya from Devil May Cry fame, SEGA has taken on the University’s additional time feature for all PCs.

Bayonetta. The final survival of the ancient wizard’s armor keeps the balance between light, dark and chaos has .Entombed to self-defense and the world as we know Bayonetta was foundAnd returned after 500 years, leaving the chain of events that have disastrous consequences is.

Impetus Directly into battle with only one conscious past, Bayonetta must find the truth and fight for the future. His success is hard to see his face off against many enemies and enemies of angelic giants in pure practice 100% per year.

Game Features

Grace died. Heroin is seductive, elegant and all actions like anything in the game scene, BayonettaEstá is readyTo encourage your emotions to limit.

ClimaxAction. Action during extreme environments, continued results of high levels of stress and harassment of Bayonetta push the genre into new areas of violence.

Fighting wasteful. BayonettaBlog arsenal impresses weapons through combat and easy water, triggering deadly combos and special attacks with terrific results.

Strong supernatural. The strike affects the serious suffering of Iron Maiden, guide Guillotine and remove the enemy and send them to hell.

SupportThe water is full. Ice water achievements, steam Save in Clouds, Barcelona, ​​lead boards, and Big photos.

Enhanced Choice of PC Graphics. Up4K resolution released, smoothing, filtering, anisotropic, SSAO lighting, structure and quality of measurable and more shadow.

English and Japanese voice overs change the language .freely and explanation every time.

Feature pack back

ByBayonetta release ISO-Codex (12911411200 bytes)

100% perfect MD5 Lossless: all files after original installation

NADA torn, there Re: Encryption

FeaturesDownloading options: You can download and install Japanese voiceovers, Lao Sin credits on movies and content bonuses (artbooks, OSTs, photos, pictures)

Small key document size (translated to ~ 12 GB, depending on the selected component)

Installation takes CPU time 30 minutes ~ 8 core; ~ 45 minutes 4 CPU cores; ~ 1 hour and 15 minutesCPU 2

After the installation complete verification for thatcan make sure everything is installed correctly

After the HDD space to install up to 14 GB (~ 20 GB during installation)

AbilityTo change match settings

At least 2 GB of free RAM (inc. Virtual) is required to install this Repack

FitGirl night package


You can download unnecessary files. Here is a list of files is an option:

In the example, if you want to start Japanese gamevoiceovers and require a final credit or bonus content – all opcionaisarquivos jumps, but the downloaded file (01-05).

Problem during installation?

This will guide the packaging solution

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