Age of Mythology Extended Edition

Age of Mythology Extended Edition

Play four historical sites in this strategic strategy, a real-world classic. Arrange the forces with the deadly and immortal monsters together with the pursuit of their conquest and domination. Victory is a superior army that has been built and well-used, for those who benefit from the gods.

Great game RTS

One of the great games of the RTS in the last decade is The Aage of Mythology. Depending on current practice, build a city that allows players to support their business and at the same time allow them to create wirdSie units. UnitThese are used to fight against the targets on the map and defeat enemies. The game allows you to charge four different ages starting with the access to all the various buildings and units, each one that is more beneficial or powerful than the previous age. Create units mythical Minotauro Zyklos creates heroic characters and earns the sake of the mythical gods draw for the wrath for his enemies.

Single or several players

Game campaign storyline in the Age of Mythology, which acts to enjoy and throughRewarding the characters are of interest Hone your skills against AI players before flooding with their friends or strangers through LAN or Internet. At the age of mythology you have to play the same way!

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