Splinter Cell Blacklist RELOADED

Splinter Cell Blacklist RELOADED


Blacklist released Tom Clancy’s Black Edition Deluxe Edition (c) Ubisoft

08/2013: ….. .. PROTECTION …….: Ubidrm

1: ………. DISC (S) .. ……..: Action

Digital Special Edition

A group of terrorists who call themselves a pretty US engineer

Military profession all over the world and start terror ultimatum

Called Deadly Black ListCountdownThe escalation of attacks on the United States

Interest. When our country is in danger, the president returns to onerights

Only one person: Sam Fisher. Armed with technology wNajnowocześniejszą

First-class devices, deadly combat skills and an elite team

Not Experts Sam Fisherman nothing to do with anything

ThisImplies the necessity

Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Blacklist Deluxe Edition comes with everyone

Required weapons, gadgets, and equipment that will turn Sam Fisher and stop

Black list escalation of threats. With two additional missions and five bonuses

As a whole, improved armor armor, you are ready to stop the attacks

INIt has content

– A multiplayer mission graczOraz featuring teams: Dead and Coast

Billionaires yacht

– bonuses, weapons and equipment five powerful weapons for each style of game:

VSS Sniper, M1014, 416 Rifle, Gun, and F40

Tactical crossbones with spark gas.

– five Elite Digital setsImproved military camouflage suit

Costumes and Dresses Spiesów vs Mercs Upper Echelon Suit

4E Eclipse Ops suit for a storyline.

– Five armored accessories: sunglassesGold Guitar Sonar Goggles Amber Storm,

Ghostly boots, military boots and tactical gloves


The US has a military presence in twoThird party

In the world, and some of them are pretty. A group of terrorists call

Engineers initiate an ultimatum called a terrorist blacklist

Deadly countdown escalation of attacks on benefits

Main characteristics

-pratsyuvaty without restrictions

Sam returns to the tacticalHis costume and glasses, and he and death

Motorbike than ever. Get the freedom to do what you need to stop

Blacklist, Sam flew from exotic destination destinations while he races

Round the clock to find out who is behind this devastating threat.

– Own style game

Splinter Cell Blacklist is basedOf the hidden crown franchise

Study new directions, take into account and sferudiyi

Adventure. Players can define their own style and be rewarded

For these elections

– The player with the spirit wants to stay unnoticed

– Players attack instincts and rely on the frontShocks to cope


– PantherGracze is looking for mortality in the most effective and quiet way.

– Tools of trade

Kill an engineer using New Devices, such as an improved snake

Cam and Micro-triter Drone. Splinter Cell Blacklist also bears

In the back fan favorite, Sticky Shocker, like cruel andCurved ceramics

Knife. Stealth fans will appreciate Samsów

Ability to transfer hijacking and enemies, allowing In Motion to be killed

The task is found with surgical precision by marking and wykonaniewielokrotność

The enemies of a smooth movement.

– Build a new level

Sam buildsAll your team echelon their way. Anna Grim

Hrimsdottir’s technical operations director of CIA Isaac

Briggs brings additional fire-power power stations as well as hackers Charlie Cole

Runduje crew. 4. Echelon is a fully operational mobile device with unlimited

Resources and advanced technologiesOn board again

Plane, Paladin.

– a fully integrated experience

Spies Vs. Mercenaries return

Spies Vs. MercsWraca New Approach Symmetric Game. Players

They will be able to withstand the 4 teams, which makes them a lot

Spy or Merc in accordance with your own style of play, carefullyCorrection

Elementy.Oryhinalnyy Classic Survival Spies Vs. Mercenaries is also doing it

Long-awaited Return fans

– AP

The SMI lines are blurred between one campaign and COOP

As the story deepens with Sam and Briggs. Earn a game currency

And unlock additional weapons or device throughThe mission wyspecjalizowanychWyznaczone

Grim, Briggs, Charlie, I Kobin

1. Unrar

2. Burn or attach the photo

3. Install the game

4. Mount / Crack the disc on the disk

5. Kopiyavmist disk cracks CD / DVD

Catalog installsrcSYSTEM game

6. Play the game. We do not recommend using the Internet, as always,

7. Developer support.If you like this game, buy it

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