Mozilla Firefox Beta 9

Mozilla Firefox Beta 9

Another day, another Firefox beta. Mozilla has prepared a new Mozilla market for its web browser applications that have not yet started. With Firefox Beako 19, users can expect upgrades and channel improvements among developers.

Firefox Adds a built-in PDF view if you do not have to rely on itthe plugin. Another major search provider update offered by FirefoxThe default setting is reset when a third-party program is changed.

Smaller improvements accelerate faster startups. Developers also have new features such asinterrupt with the debugger exceptions to be able to connect a remote web console with Firefox or Android OS and add a browser debugger.

Firefox Beta does not have any basic features before the browser has developed.

To get a stable version of Firefox, click here.


To see everyoneFor details about this update, look at it from time to time:

Mozilla Firefox is a free, open-source web browser that offers many customization features and capabilities. Its feature is great and is designed to protect your personal data.

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Firefox hasa variety of features that expand the extensive catalog of extensions.

It provides user tabbed browsing for all standard browsers for a long time. It has an integrated search engine that is easy to personalize.

Home, search box and shortcutsMyfind the list to access your downloads, tags, history, add-ons, sync, and settings. It has all the basic functions and spell checking, a built-in PDF reader, geotagging and more.

Security has pop-up blocking, anti-filteringphishing and privacy features, the focus of Mozilla. In addition to private browser mode, Firefox tracks that it allows you to block web sites, and the site you are tracking tells you about the Lightbeam add-on.

Firefox provides a reliable system for the sites you visit, evenand check your secure connection. Security Updates are automated to protect against the latest threats.

It also provides basic equipment, correction test, integrated PDF reader, navigation with geo-localization, read-only readability, pocket integrationand others.


One of the greatest benefits of Firefox is the ability to adapt to each user, customize the personalization of the developer, and adapt to your needs. The solutions that allow you, including the favorite sites that allow yousend your privacy notes.

There are many topics you can listen to in your Firefox interface, and you can organize your tools and tools in the menu or toolbox.

Add-ons are also awesome Customizable Browser and Enhancementof its functionality. Some add-ons are important, as Adblock Plusedo Video DownloadHelper, both have millions of users.

In addition, Firefox Firefox has Hello, has a Hangout-like chat service and WebRTC-based chat (so you do not need extra plug-ins). Hello with Firefox, you canalso send a page that you directly visit from your friends.

From version 35 Firefox, the Firefox ExtensionAccess toolbar extension spreads over the toolbar.

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Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers. It consists of functionality,reliability and flexibility, and everything that surfs the web is as smooth as possible.

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